Nahida Velcro Patch

$7.50 $10.00

⋆ 3 x 3 inches
⋆ velcro patch 
⋆ 100% embroidery

For the girlies with ✨commitment issues✨ I bring you interchangable patches! Each patch comes with a velcro circle that you can sew/glue onto anything you want to add a little spice to. 

PLEASE NOTE: The design is not perfectly centered on the design, due to this the patch has been slightly discounted.  

Hand or machine sew around the edge of the entire circle and/or use fabric glue and spread a thin layer of glue on the entire circle. IT IS RECCOMMENDED TO SEW ON THE CIRCLE FOR BEST HOLD. Glue can be used before sewing for an even better hold, however, glue alone can lead to the circle detaching. 

Take a super glue that can bond fabric to whatever material you would like to attach the patch to. The patch's hold strength will depend on the type of material and glue used.