My Hero Key Covers



⋆ 1.5 inches wide
⋆ PVC material
⋆ Comes with ball chain closure

Was gonna make a pun about anime being the key to my heart but wanted to be more low-key about it (I'm sorry)

AIZAWA: His hair blocks off a part of the key from being used, so he will not be able to be used as a key cover for most keys. I will have this fixed in the next batch, but since these can still be used as keychains I am selling them at a discounted rate. 

BAKUGOU B-GRADE: The very bottom of his hair below his ear is miscolored.

Key covers are made of a durable PVC/rubber material, and will fit most standard keys. To place onto your keys take out the ball chain closure, put your key through the top and push till your key is snug against the bottom of the cover.

NOTE: This key cover will fit most standard keys, but will not universally fit every type of key. If you are concerned about the key cover fitting your key please feel free to reach out!

Due to differences in monitor calibrations, colors may appear slightly different than what is shown in the product image.